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Job Posting Detail

Date Posted: 10/22/2001 
Location: Chicago, IL 
Job Description: Summary Job Description The COO is primarily responsible for managing all operational aspects of our clients investment processes, including legal review of deal flow and compliance issues, and client service activities for both internal and external clients. The COO works very closely with the President and the Chairman to take new products from the handshake stage to the legal vehicle stage. This position acts as a clearinghouse, responsible for fielding investment specific questions, and knowing when and where to pass on questions that require additional knowledge or expertise to answer. Additionally, the COO oversees at a high level the administrative processes (such as HR and corporate accounting) needed to make operations run smoothly. A key goal of this position is to keep all pieces of the investment process working together, while maintaining the respect of the investment committee and the clients.

Skills The successful candidate should possess the following skills: Behavioral Skills Collaboration Communication Flexibility Leadership Self Confidence Management Business Judgment Client Service Organization

Job Skills Legal and Compliance Working Knowledge Hedge Fund Working Knowledge Investment Operations Working Knowledge Qualifications The successful candidate must also possess: BA/BS degree from an accredited university, MBA preferred JD preferred 15+ years hedge fund experience Responsibilities The COOs key responsibilities include: Fielding and directing client service questions to appropriate parties Providing legal review and guidance on deal-flow and compliance issues Conducting indirect, high-level oversight of administrative functions (HR, corporate accounting, office management)

Compensation The COOs compensation components include: Base salary of $200 K - $400 K, commensurate with experience Variable Pay % TBD Equity Eligibility TBD Key Benefits TBD


Contact Via E-mail to: [email protected] 

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