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Job Posting Detail

HOT! Snr Analytic Developer Financial Engineering
Date Posted: 4/2/2003 
Location: Chicago, US 
Salary: TOP MONEY depending on experience 
Job Description: Senior Analytic Developer Financial Engineering. Will consider a C developer with strong scripting and/or strong C++ development skills. Must have Strong Database experience. Must have a BS/MS/PhD from top School. Prefer Computer Science or Engineering major. Professional supporting fast paced Quantitative Research/Trading/Sales in Premier Securities firm. Software Development, Integration, Modelling, and Simulation to quickly deliver effective tools and solutions. Expertise in data management, research, and a thorough understanding of and interest in database methodologies for Global projects. C/Unix Developer with strong Scripting experience, Perl, SQL, Sybase. Develop applications, scripts, and tools to support Commodities trading and sales desks globally. Work in a global development environment (proprietary scripting language and database) often with "roll your own" tools on multiple platforms (Solaris, Linux, NT) to change manage/control software builds, develop/test, and rollout to production. Simulation and data management of Default Risk, cash flow models, using quantitative methodologies C++/Unix Object Oriented Developer Work on proprietary OO databases dealing with global information. Organize real time and daily feeds from Reuters, DRI and other sources to proprietary database, an extensible Object-Oriented Securities container/ extraction valuation technology. Need the ability organize data in large databases. Thorough understanding of entering and finding data required. Any experience with thought process on Bond selection a huge plus.


Contact Via E-mail to: [email protected] 

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