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Job Posting Detail

Investment Analyst
Date Posted: 4/11/2003 
Location: Radnor, PA 
Job Description: Located in Radnor, Pennsylvania, on Philadelphia’s ‘Main Line’, Stevens Capital Management LP (“SCM”) is a financial consulting firm specializing in developing and implementing computer-based statistical trading systems and sophisticated investment strategies. SCM operates 24 hours a day on global financial markets.

SCM is seeking a highly skilled and motivated candidate for the following position:

Investment Analyst

Primary Responsibilities: ·Generate, evaluate and recommend investment managers and investment strategies (primarily alternative and niche strategies) to consider for inclusion in an existing portfolio of investment managers (a “fund-of-funds”). ·Perform statistical, quantitative and attribution analysis on various portfolios. ·Implement portfolio hedging strategies based on statistical and fundamental analysis. ·Perform various due diligence functions on potential managers and managers currently in the portfolio. ·Significant communication and interaction with accounting, legal and other investment professionals will be required.

Requirements of the Candidate include: ·A degree from a four-year institution. ·MBA or CFA designation or significant progress towards the CFA designation preferred. ·Three or more years of financial analysis experience. ·Thorough knowledge of modern portfolio theory and other statistical, financial and quantitative concepts. ·A thorough knowledge of financial securities and related derivative instruments. ·Strong quantitative and analytical skills ·Excellent computer skills (including Microsoft Office Suite). ·Impeccable oral and written communication skills. ·Excellent organizational and time management skills. ·A commitment to work 7am to 5pm Monday through Friday with significant work beyond business hours.

Please submit your resume to: [email protected]


Contact Via E-mail to: [email protected] 

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