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 HFC Frequently Asked Questions


  1. I registered as an investor, but did not receive notification of activation. What happened?
  2. The Hedge Fund Center accepts registrations from "accredited investors." Although we do not require actual documentation (e.g. bank statements, pay stubs, etc.), we do evaluate your application based on the information that you have provided to us.

    Common reasons for rejection of applications to The Hedge Fund Center:

    • You did not provide a valid email address
    • You did not provide a valid telephone number
    • You did not provide a valid postal address
    • You are registering on behalf of a corporation, but provided a personal or home email address
    • You did not accept our terms and conditions
    • You did not provide a digital signature
    • You provided, or failed to provide us with information that indicates that you are not an accredited investor.

    Please send mail to [email protected] to discuss any concerns about your registration. At this time, we do not acknowledge applications that were declined

    In order to make our site useful to both hedge fund managers and investors and to comply with SEC regulations, we limit access to The Hedge Fund Center. The Hedge Fund Centerís database is private and we reserve the right to refuse access to any person for any reason.

  3. How do I log in?
  4. The login area is located in the upper right hand corner of the home page, http://www.hedgefundcenter.com. Please log in as a manager or as an investor, whichever you chose when you signed up. If you have forgotten your user name or password, you may obtain it by clicking on the "Forgot your username/password?" link underneath the login screens. Your password will be mailed to your email address of record.

  5. I would like to advertise on The Hedge Fund Center. Who do I speak to?
  6. [email protected]. Be advised: We do not accept advertising from hedge funds.

  7. What are my responsibilities as a hedge fund manager?
  8. We ask that you update your fundís performance monthly.

  9. What makes The Hedge Fund Center different from other hedge fund databases?
  10. The Hedge Fund Database is FREE and UNBIASED. We do not charge to list or view entries in our database. We are not a contract marketer, a fund-of-funds or consultant. Thus, we do not use the names of registered investors for the purposes of soliciting investments in a particular hedge fund. Moreover, we have the freedom to post content of interest to investors. Our editorial content is not directed by an investment management firm trying to promote their business.

  11. I am trying to learn out about hedge funds and if they are right for me. Where can I find this information?
  12. Go to our Basics Page for an overview of hedge fund strategies and legal structures. Whether a "hedge" fund is right for you largely depends on your risk tolerance and net worth. Further, within the spectrum of hedge fund strategies, an investor should evaluate each strategy within the context of his/her portfolio. We have included information on contrasting mutual funds and hedge funds as a guide for investors familiar with retail mutual funds.

  13. As an investor, how do I know that the performance or strategy information provided is correct?
  14. The Hedge Fund Center does not warrant or guarantee the information provided by hedge fund managers. We strongly encourage investors to perform adequate due diligence on hedge fund managers, whether or not you are interested in a manager listed in our database.

    Absent audited financial statements, it is impossible to ascertain that the manager is being truthful with the investor. Your due-diligence efforts are crucial to your success as a hedge fund investor.

  15. Do you have a directory of hedge funds listed by geographic area?
  16. No. This is a very frequent question that we receive. We can only assume that we receive inquiries such as these for employment reasons. Try our Employment Board or Message Board. In the future, we will introduce searching capability by geographic location to the database.

  17. What is the purpose of the digital signature? Why do I have to "sign" to get in?
  18. Recently, the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, issued a no-action letter to Lamp Technologies, Inc. This letter governs the activities of U.S.-based hedge fund databases, such as the one operated by The Hedge Fund Center. In an effort to protect visitors to the web site, we grant access to users who have provided basic information asserting that they are a high net worth or sophisticated investor. Combined with our user verification efforts, the digital signature serves as legal proof that a user is "accredited" based on his or her affirmation.

    Members of the media may contact [email protected] for access. Others industry professionals who seek access, but do not meet our accredited investor guidelines may contact [email protected] for access.

  19. I would like to submit an article that I have written that may be of interest to visitors of The Hedge Fund Center. Who do I contact?
  20. [email protected]. Although we do not currently have the resources to compensate authors, we will make every reasonable effort to highlight the authorís affiliation and biographical information.

  21. I would like to buy your list of investors in order to target them for an investment opportunity. Who do I contact?
  22. Unfortunately, we do not release our list of investors to outside entities. High net worth and sophisticated investors rely upon The Hedge Fund Center to provide them with an unbiased viewpoint about hedge funds without the sales pressure. Releasing an individualís information would contradict our Privacy Policy.

  23. Why donít you list information on my favorite hedge fund?

Given our resources, we currently depend on hedge fund managers to provide information to The Hedge Fund Center. If there is a particular fund you would like to see listed, either encourage the manager to list with us or provide us with contact information, and we will query the fund directly.