For all of you new to hedge funds, here are the basics. . .

What's a hedge fund?

Mutual funds vs. hedge funds: the differences

What's the difference between domestic hedge funds and offshore hedge funds?

Where hedge funds fit into the market ecosystem


 HFC's Hedge Fund Primer

Using risk to classify hedge funds

A brief description of different hedge fund investment strategies

What is a fund of funds?

Hedging techniques

Frequently asked questions about hedge funds


 Hedge Fund Legal Issues

A collection of articles on various legal topics

Inspection report on soft dollar practices: everything you ever wanted to know


 Hedge Fund Accounting Basics

Number crunching the hedge funds


 HFC's Reference Library

"The Dawn of a New Era on Hedge Funds"


 White Papers

"The Coming Evolution of the Hedge Fund Industry"
. . . the hedge fund industry is at a defining point in its evolution. After a few decades of modest growth, the hedge fund industry has experienced a dramatic acceleration in growth starting in 1990. . . . more

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The Education of a Speculator
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