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Welcome To The Hedge Fund Home Page Free Download Area. These spreadsheets are in Microsoft Excel Office 97 format. The spreadsheets listed below are not only usable but they will contain educational notes in each of the important cells and formulas. Have an interesting application that you would like to add here? Contact Us. Seeking more sophisticated software for your hedge fund? Visit our Service Provider Directory.

If you need a custom spreadsheet or would us to handle your allocations, contact us and we will create your allocations according to your partnership agreement with a functional partner letter macro. Our hourly fee is $150/hr. This includes printing your partner letters and reporting your performance to several databases and advisors.

Book Allocations

Book Allocations - A full book allocation spreadsheet with calculations of gross and net performance with several supporting schedules such as; summary of monthly performance, graphs and a few performance measures. Trade in Hot Issues? Not a problem, this spreadsheet allows you to tag those who are restricted.

Stop using Microsoft Word for partner letters! This spreadsheet also has a monthly performance partner letter macro that allows you to hit a button and print a letter for every partner with their partnership %, month's performance and YTD Performance and your commentary about the performance. The macro needs to be customized for each fund.

We have calculated net performance for the partnership as a whole on this spreadsheet with a straight 20% charge to gross performance on a monthly basis, then linking all the returns. Since there is no standard for reporting net performance for the partnership as a whole or at least we are not aware of any, this method seems to give a fair representation of net performance for the entire fund. When the hedge fund community decides to show fund managers how to calculate net performance for their fund as a whole, we will update the spreadsheet. We am absolutely convinced that many fund managers are calculating net performance incorrectly. If this is true, then many of the firms providing the hedge fund industry's performance to news agencies are providing inaccurate information. We have also received a number of e-mails from managers requesting information on calculating net returns for the fund as a whole to support our opinion. THIS SPREADSHEET WILL HOWEVER CALCULATE AN INDIVIDUAL PARTNER'S RETURN WITHOUT DISPUTE.


Under Construction:

Statement Of Positions

Statement Of Positions- A spreadsheet that presents your securities by type, industry, country, positions consisting of more than 5% of net assets, investments in other investment companies.

Cut your audits fees, prepare your own schedules!

Typical Accounting Spreadsheets

Supporting Accounting Spreadsheets - Not a sophisticated spreadsheet, but allows you to provide the typical supporting schedules that your auditor will examine and will be able to tie in according to their audit program.

A Quickbooks Template For Hedge Funds

Using Quickbooks is an economical way of accounting for your hedge fund. I have developed a template that any competent hedge fund accountant can use to take advantage of the various features that Quickbooks provides. For me, it aids in tying out a fund's cash.

Broker Commission Spreadsheet

Although not a sophisticated spreadsheet, this spreadsheet keeps track of commissions by month for a list of broker dealers. Also provides summary reports of YTD commissions paid.

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