We at Hedge Fund Center like good causes and this seems like a winner.  Our friend Mitch Ackles of Hedge Fund PR alerted us to this — and we would appreciate it if our readers would take a look and consider helping out …  For children who are homeless, in foster care, or impoverished, a backpack filled with school […]

Too big to fail?  Surely, if anyone (or two) fits this description, it’s Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.  This week, news of pending bankruptcies, bailouts, nationalizations (insert your own rumor) were prevalent and worried investors chose to sell (and sell and sell) the two entities and most other related financial institutions.  Oil tumbled from recent […]

Interested in some continuing education sessions about the issues faced by hedge funds and their advisers?  You are in luck.  Now there such a series being hosted in conjunction with Opalesque and many of the leaders in the hedge fund industry.  This seems like a good opportunity to come together and explore issues such as troublesome provisions encountered in private […]

The EDHEC Risk and Asset Management Research Centre is pleased to announce that seven new members have joined its international advisory board, which brings together high-level representatives from regulatory bodies, leading pension funds, professional organisations and business partners. The role of the international advisory board is to validate the relevance and goals of the research […]

The market these days does not lend any great cause for celebration, though investors should take some time to enjoy some weekend fireworks just the same.  With the 3rd quarter beginning much the same way as the 2nd quarter ended, investors are left scratching their heads about how to overcome the ongoing financial woes and […]

So much for a quick end to the credit crisis.  Just three short months ago, the Fed’s creative moves lent optimism that the credit crisis was nearing an end.  Unfortunately, Merrill, Lehman, Citi, UBS and their “partners in crime” didn’t do their parts.  As write-downs and losses continued to mount, Bernanke quickly lost cult hero […]

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