The stock market tumbled. The stock market rebounded.  Oil prices soared. Oil prices plunged.  The excessive volatility could only mean one thing.  The summer is winding down and traders are on vacation.  When volume is light, price movements in many major markets tend to be exaggerated based on the moods of those unfortunate folks who […]

This (energy) trend is definitely our friend.  Despite the “cold war”-like feel in the Russia/Georgia (not Atlanta) dispute and a decrease in last week’s inventory levels, energy traders failed to buck the latest trend as consumers and business alike are hoping for an even greater reprieve at the pumps in the coming days (weeks).  While […]

The fireworks were plentiful this week (and not just in Beijing).  Despite more negative news on the Freddie/Fannie front (and the Merrill, Citi, and UBS fronts as well), investors got into the positive Olympic spirit and took the equity market to much higher levels.  The primary catalyst was the continued plummeting of oil and other […]

But the web site will continue, according to the New York Post … Newly formed media and financial services company Thomson Reuters pulled the plug on one of the nation’s most popular hedge-fund publications, HedgeWorld. The publishing and financial-data powerhouse on Thursday morning told News Director Kristin Fox and her team of roughly 10 reporters […]

Fulcrum Group, a global administrator for hedge funds and the alternative assetmanagement industry, backed by global private equity firm, 3i, and Butterfield Fund Services (BFS), a provider of administration services for investment and pension funds and part of The Bank of N. T. Butterfield & Son Limited (Butterfield), today announced, subject to regulatory and governmental […]

Citadel Solutions is an innovative provider of hedge fund administration and reporting services, and Markit, a leading provider of independent data, portfolio valuations and over-the-counter (OTC) derivatives trade processing, today announced an agreement for Markit to provide Citadel Solutions’ clients with independent portfolio valuations. Markit’s Portfolio Valuations service is aimed at buy-side institutions. It provides […]

The 2008 World Hedge Fund Forum (re-named the Global Alpha Forum) brings together leaders from the alternative investment industry, academia and government. In 2007, the inaugural forum attracted several hundred delegates and was covered live by CNBC and Bloomberg Television. Although set in Greenwich, Connecticut – “the hedge fund capital of the world” – the […]

Gardner Finance AG (Gardner) announces that it has partnered with Strategia (offshore) sal. in Beirut to help expand its’ client base and offer its’ commodity and energy-based products in the region. Strategia (offshore) sal. is an established Middle Eastern Business and Financial advisory Company with established markets in Saudi Arabia, U.A.E. and the Lebanon. Read […]

Despite the ongoing doom and gloom, a slight glimmer of hope.  Gas prices have actually dropped just in time for travelers to take those last minute summer vacations.  (Of course, $3.90/gallon is still far from affordable.) While oil prices “threaten” to continue their downward spiral, news out of Nigeria and Iran prevented the decline from […]