Operational due diligence occurs on a few levels.     Level one is the “follow the herd” type of hedge fund investor. They follow the leads of others or invest solely via word of mouth. They do not perform extensive due diligence nor do they understand how to. They rely solely on pedigree and the recommendations of […]

Think your fund of funds manager is doing the best he or she can for your investment? Think twice, hedge funds are a fee game. Every participant in one form or manner is dipping into the investor pot to make some extra cash. And this is not something isolated to fly by night shops either, […]

In a nutshell what occured here was extremely wealthy individuals fleecing the retirement accounts of average Americans. All with the help of various investment banks and a number of mutual funds themselves.    You might be asking what the benefit is for mutual funds to allow these hedge funds to fleece them and its a good […]