Good news all around, right?  The housing sector appears to be rebounding as existing home sales experienced its best showing in five years.  Apple,, Microsoft each announced better than expected quarterly earnings.  Leading economic indicators implied future domestic strength. China’s growth rate hit a whopping nine percent in the third quarter. Institutions are starting […]

This is the latest from EDHEC Alternative Indexes.  We can’t imagine this is too much of a surprise given the turmoil in the markets lately. See the Index here EDHEC, fund, funds, hedge, index

When did investors last breathe a sigh of relief for a 127 down day (on the Dow)?  Well, after a few weeks of sheer and utter panic, they will take the slight (since when are low triple digits considered sight?) negative day and head to the weekend to regroup.  More government intervention seemed to bring […]

Chosen from among nearly 100 applicants for the inaugural class of the programme, seventeen doctoral students from fourteen countries will begin their coursework on EDHEC Business School’s Nice campus this week. The EDHEC PhD in Finance prepares doctoral students for academic careers in top institutions and for the highest responsibilities in the finance industry; during […]

EDHEC and EuroPerformance have released their annual rankings of the top UK asset management companies: the Alpha League Table. The Alpha League Table is constructed on the basis of a genuine measure of alpha, using a state-of-the-art methodology developed by EDHEC. The year’s results are better than last year’s: average alpha increased (approximately 30 basis […]

Gardner Finance AG (Gardner) has recently released the August 2008 performances of its Family of commodity hedge fund indexes; the Gardner MacroIndexR Family. The Indexes are based on the performance of various underlying hedge fund strategies and provide a proxy for hedge fund performance across the space. Read more here. commodity, finance, fund, gardner, hedge, […]

What the heck is going on?  Blink and you miss a 100 point move down.  Blink again and the market moves another 300 points (most likely lower).  With sheer and total panic out there, investors pushed the global markets significantly lower this week and didn’t really need much of a reason.  Sure earnings season kicked […]

HedgeCo Networks LLC announced the launch of the next generation online analytical and reporting tool, the Hedge Fund Calculator.  Available as a monthly or annual subscription service, the Hedge Fund Calculator was designed for hedge funds and funds of hedge funds, and facilitates the rapid computation of quantitative statistics, net performance numbers and the creation […]

It wasn’t easy, but Congress finally stepped up and passed a government bailout agreement that many hope will help move the domestic economy and global financial system out of their prolonged “depression” (well, maybe not literally).  The bailout vote represented quite a difficult decision for most reps who knew it would be unpopular with many […]

It’s been nice knowing you.  Merrill Lynch, Lehman Brothers, AIG, Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, Wachovia, Washington Mutual, and the list goes on.  During the past three months, the financial world as we once knew it changed forever and analysts are still trying to assess what the consolidations (not to mention, nationalizations) mean for the future. […]

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