Sidebar letters are special deals cut for certain investors that allow them favorable terms over other investors. These sidebar letters can really hurt your investment severely. Typical sidebar letters simply ask for slightly favorbable liquidity, some receive reduced incentive and management fees and others include some sort of charitable agreement. How can this hurt you? […]

Below is an illustrated example of the effect of contract marketer fees:    I mentioned that I would put together a mockup of a hedge fund using a contract marketer in previous articles and I have finally gotten around to doing it. I can assure you that you will not find this type of article anywhere […]

Think your fund of funds manager is doing the best he or she can for your investment? Think twice, hedge funds are a fee game. Every participant in one form or manner is dipping into the investor pot to make some extra cash. And this is not something isolated to fly by night shops either, […]

This is a problem that is not entirely isolated to the hedge fund world but is a problem in the securities industry. The gifts, the tickets, the concert tickets, the sporting events, the hard to get MTV awards show tickets given to people working at hedge funds.    Hedge funds are showered with gifts from various […]

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