Online since 1996, Hedge Fund Center is unique from all other hedge fund resources because it is completely unbiased. Unlike other hedge fund web sites (many have come and gone), the Center is not aligned or associated with any investment manager or consulting firm. As such, it can rigorously pursue its goal of providing objective, professional information and evaluation of relevant issues unfettered by commercial or political issues. Such a posture allows it to publish the highest quality content with one goal in mind: transparency.

Transparency is not easily attained in the world of hedge fund investing. Traditionally, the hedge fund industry has been a closed one. Information on hedge funds is not easy to come by.  Managers have been slow to provide investors with pertinent information. What is made available is often put forth in obscure, technical language, making interpretation and evaluation problematic. Consulting firms that have collected data on hedge funds levy a heavy access toll. The demise of several well-known hedge funds in the late 1990s revealed that such conditions are unacceptable. The Hedge Fund Center was initiated as a remedy to these conditions.

Hedge Fund Center provides interested parties with direct access to relevant information. It will explain the theoretical, operational, and commercial issues related to hedge funds and hedge fund investing in coherent terms so members can develop an understanding of the intricacies of this industry. It will provide members with the tools necessary to make meaningful evaluations and well informed decisions about hedge funds. These tools will allow members to become educated and prudent investors-ones who will demand to be treated as true partners with money managers with whom they choose to invest.