Wake us up after earnings season. These numbers are simply too hard to interpret.  Bad financial results are actually deemed good these days. Strong reports (from the likes of Apple) aren’t good enough to compensate for future uncertainty.  A weak dollar has proven positive for companies with a lot of international biz.  Some discounters actually are struggling from the sluggish consumer activity.  This week, investors were forced to digest an array of confusing earnings reports, some pretty good pricing newson the oil and gas front (unless you are an energy exec), and weaker than expected housing data.  In the end, they were just as baffled as when the week began.  Well, next week brings more of the same.more earning, more energy, more economic data.  Fortunately, there still may be time for a summer vacation (and gas prices are looking better each days). 

Please find And That’s The Week That Was, the Brounes & Associates market/economic commentary for the week ended July 25, 2008.

Coming up in the week ahead:  Consumer Confidence (Tuesday), 2nd Quarter GDP (Thursday), Unemployment Rate (Friday), Non-Farm Payroll Additions (Friday), ISM - Manufacturing (Friday)

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