So, is the nightmare over now?  Does the activity in the market mean that the “bulls are back” and a strong rebound is inevitable?  Not so fast. Interestingly, buyers reemerged in a big way during a week when consumer confidence plunged to its lowest level ever recorded and the GDP suffered its worst showing since 2001.  Try not to read too much into these moves (just like we try not to panic when the Dow plunges 10% in a day either). The economy is weak; the markets are fragile; and a new president will soon be in charge.  Still, weeks like this sure beat the alternative. 

 Attached/linked please find And That’s The Week That Was, the Brounes & Associates market/economic commentary for the week ended October 31, 2008.

Coming up in this week:  Construction Spending (Monday), ISM - Manu (Monday), Factory Order (Tuesday), ISM - Services (Wednesday), Unemployment Rate (Friday), Non-Farm Payroll Addition (Friday)

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