EDHEC Alternative Indexes reports the following:

The month of April was characterised by a very strong positive return in the stock market, as shown by the 4.87% return of the S&P 500, the best monthly performance since December 2003. This is also the first positive return since last October. Market volatility fell by five points to around 21%, its lowest value for the last six months. The fixed-income market exhibited strong negative performance, with a return of -1.72% for the Lehman Global Bond Index, the first negative return after ten consecutive positive months. Both the S&P 500 and the Lehman Global Bond Index returned to the levels they exhibited three months ago. Commodity prices, after a slight decrease last month, climbed sharply by around 8%, reaching a new historical high.  
In this context, all hedge fund strategies, except CTA Global and Short Selling, posted positive returns. The best performing strategy was Long/Short Equity, with a return of 2.33%, which was considerably higher than its historical average. This strategy benefited significantly from the solid performance of the stock markets. The lowest return was posted by Short Selling with a return of -4.51%.

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