But the web site will continue, according to the New York Post

Newly formed media and financial services company Thomson Reuters pulled the plug on one of the nation’s most popular hedge-fund publications, HedgeWorld.

The publishing and financial-data powerhouse on Thursday morning told News Director Kristin Fox and her team of roughly 10 reporters and editors, as well as a handful of technology and sales staff, to pack up their desks, according to several people familiar with the situation.

“As far as I know, the entire HedgeWorld team is no longer, as of Aug. 15,” said one employee, who asked not to be identified.


Although we never read their articles unless it pertained to one of our businesses, this is too bad.  We know some of the reporters at Hedgeworld and they are very professional.  Never did understand how they could make money, though. 

Whatever happened to Johann Wong, the originator?






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