Fans of the Sugarman Saga should know that it is not over - yet.  The phrase “I don’t get no respect” certainly applies to Stuart Sugarman. Seems that Stu was in court this week to testify about his being assaulted by enraged stock broker, Christoper Carter, during a spin class workout last year.   Both the NY Times and NY Post have reported on it. DealBreaker and Wall Street Figher have also picked it up.  Some interesting commentary there.

Originally, it was misreported that Sugarman was a hedge fund manager.  Naturally, we were interested if one of our own was involved since we publish updates about people in the industry.  Thankfully, it turns out that Sugarman is not a hedge fund manager — our industry seems to get enough bad press as it is.  We certainly don’t need incidents like this one to pull it down even further. 

All the sordid details are over at our sister site Hedge Fund Launch.  Read it and weep.

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